Help SELF reach our Fundraising Goals!
Thank you for helping SELF get through COVID & 3 years of bills!
(2019 to 2020, 2020 to 2021, and finally 2021-2022)


$0 - $2000: This amount makes it possible to fully fund our scholarship programs, ensuring those negatively impacted by COVID have an opportunity to attend.

$2001- $5500: This amount makes it possible to replace goods which were purchased for 2020 and cannot be used in 2022 as well as recoup from the bills incurred over the last three years.

$5501 - $7800: Programming and bringing the Carter/Johnson Library to SELF's 25th Anniversary!



47 % Funded

$ 3,650
$ 7,800
Days left

About the campaign

Thank you for every bit of help you give SELF to provide quality education, the space to host an incredible amount of programming, play, contests, socials, games, and all the things we do to be with each other and connect!

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