A Real BDSM Journey in Fiction presented by Dr. Gloria Brame

Dr. Gloria Brame will be doing a book reading of her newest book, Amazon Hammer.

Beyond Aftercare: Easier transitions, recognizing the way play changes us, and using it to our advantage presented by Pavlov

BDSM, sex, and power exchange change how we feel: in our bodies, hearts and minds. These different feelings THEN change our perceptions and behaviors.

These feelings don’t just stop when we stop playing, they linger afterwards.

Sometimes, we want to keep those feelings lasting long after.

Sometimes, we want to return to how we felt before play, so we can more easily navigate life.

Here, you identify not only when & where you want to maintain “play feelings,” but also HOW to maintain them, & HOW to transition away from them when you choose.

I direct you through a series of worksheets that ultimately give you the tools to both maximize and minimize the way your play affects you, and navigate the your transitions with greater comfort.

Cigar Social hosted by boy Adam

Cigar social where lovers of the leaf can have conversations with other lovers of the leaf.

Erotica and Poetry Session presented by JackSir Guy, VioletLyte, & Raven Essence

Escape Room hosted by Devaena  

You’re invited to come test your puzzle-solving skills and SELF knowledge against our Mayhem Virtual Escape Room. Collaborate with your fellow participants in a race against the clock where you must unearth the history of SELF and use the clues within to overcome the room’s challenges. Can you make it out in time? Come put your skills to the test and find out!

You’re invited to come test your puzzle-solving skills and SELF knowledge against our Mayhem Virtual Escape Room. Collaborate with your fellow participants in a race against the clock where you must unearth the history of SELF and use the clues within to overcome the room’s challenges. Can you make it out in time? Come put your skills to the test and find out!

Evil Queens: the babybeings of the shadows presented by the gurl

An introduction to and discussion about the existence and life of a Dark little/babybeing. Quite often when littles/babybeings are being discussed Dark littles/babybeings are pushed into the box of taboo ageplay. For some dark littles and babybeings this is absolutely correct. But, some of us... Some of us are simply Dark. We are littles and babybeings that enjoy things that can be classified as Dark. Playing in blood, nonconsensual consent, horror, darkness, and the screams of others are our happy place. We are the Evil Queens and have no urge to be the bright and shiny princesses. Our unicorns fart dark rainbows and impale people just see us giggle.

Fantastic Fire Cupping presented by Madame Tak

Nothing compares to the relaxing heat of fire play. From sensual to sadistic, fire play and cupping has existed throughout the centuries. Learn how to safely let the flames lick the skin and leave those iconic cupping marks.

Fetiquette presented by Madame Tak

Get a step ahead with a Mistress' knowledge and embrace your place in the Scene. This 101 covers basic D/s dynamics , Dungeon space etiquette, profile creation and direction, kit building and some helpful information of how to navigate the kinky community.

From A Service Kitchen presented by Unruly Nerd Girl and Auntie Jay

Join Unruly Nerd Girl and Auntie Jay for a cooking demo.

From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After: Tips and Tricks for Living a Consensually Non-Monogamous Life presented by Lady Alethea

This is not your Mama’s fairy tale!

Are you interested in stepping into the world of ethical non-monogamy? Are you curious about the different ways to build a dynamic that works for you and your partner? Do you have a consensual non-monogamous relationship and want to learn skills to make your relationship stronger and healthier? Then this is the class for you!

We’re going to cover the basics, of course: a quick overview of the many different ways you can shape a dynamic that is ethically non-monogamous, some common misconceptions, myths, and trope, and the foundational skills that are imperative for building a healthy, consensual dynamic that can grow and change even as your relationships and dynamics fluctuate and evolve.

Once we’re done with the basics, we’re going to talk about common pitfalls and everyday issues non-monogamous folks face and tips for navigating those. We’ll cover some real-time, real-life issues and how the people involved resolved those things!

Gurl uncollared: The journey of an uncollared slave gurl presented by the gurl

What does life look like for this POC slave? How have I journeyed from slave to shame back to slave? This is the journey of how the gurl was able to find herself, who she is, the excitement and wonder of stepping fully into her journey as slave. Her story of finding empowerment in what it means to step into the gurls slavehood, slipping on the garment of slave with grace and pride after wading through years of fear, shame and confusion.

Ho for the Holidays presented by girl Calyco

Season's greetings! If you're looking for something new to do under the mistletoe, you've come to the right place. Need a way to light up the night without fireworks? Wanna hide your eggs somewhere fun next year? From giving thanks to carving pumpkins and any festive tradition in between, let's brainstorm ways to keep things kinky all year long!

Are you ready to celebrate?

Internet Dating Safety, AKA #NotDead presented by Lady Alethea

Do you have a profile on an internet dating site? Are you wondering why all the people you manage to talk to are not what you're looking for? Are you worried about staying safe if you go out on a date? This class will walk through how to spot common red flags on internet dating profiles that will help alert you to potential pitfalls and duds. We will also review several methods for staying safe while on a date and beyond, as well as discuss common early signs of manipulation and abuse that can help you, if not avoid an abusive situation, get out of it safely if you find yourself in one. This class is for *everyone,* regardless of gender, orientation, relationship status or experience level (or any other thing you might think limits you from this class).

Meditation & Qigong for Kinky Peeps 101 presented by Leather Redux

Meditation has its roots in religious or monastic traditions but it can be very accessible to the modern mind. When we get quiet, we become self-aware and become a more empowered Dom, sub or switch.

Qigong or Chi Kung goes back over 4,000 years but is a vital part of using breath and energy to tonify or strengthen the body and mind.

The class has an emphasis on self-healing and energy work to help us with kink and general everyday life.

Come to the class and be open and ready to participate to learn about these modalities to connect with yourself.

Bring some comfy pillows, a notebook and your enthusiasm.

More Than Pain: Experiential Sensory Play presented by Evie Lupine

We've all heard it or said it before: "which do you like more, stingy or thuddy?" What if those weren't the only two options? Often in the world of kink, our choices are limited to a narrow view of pain. Sensation play is relegated to the "newbie kink-lite" column, not something for the serious BDSM practitioner. In this class we'll discuss how to go beyond this dichotomy and do more with our scenes -- with pain or without. Then we'll dive into the senses themselves, and how each can be used to enhance your play in unexpected ways no matter your style; whether that might be deeper roleplay, falling into subspace more easily or creating a convincing playspace no matter where you are. We'll also cover options for long-distance and solo play. Whether you're a total painslut or complete beginner, this class has something for you.

More Than Two: Essentials, Joy and Challenge persented by Tomo

Many of us in the Leather, Kink, and BDSM communities participate in relationships with more than one person. While having multiple partners in your life can bring joy and fulfillment, the path can also be tricky to navigate at times. Tomo will share her thoughts and experience as we examine the joys of multiple partners as well as what the challenges may be, during this moderated participatory discussion. We will discuss making the choice to have multiple partners, different types and definitions of polyamory, essentials for success, and common challenges and solutions.

Music to Set the Scene presented by Jeff-The-Bear

Most people already incorporate music into their BDSM play. This class will teach you how to take your scenes to the next level by using music and sound to control your partner's headspace. We will also explore new musical genres, creative scene ideas and other ways to make your scene more engaging. This class features short clips of awesome music and visual imagery. A list of sources will be provided as a reference.

Not Your Mother's (Protocol) Pie presented by Devyn Stone

Like pie, power dynamics and relationships require a solid crust or foundation and delicious filling, and sometimes pies come with an elaborate topping. But what makes up the crust and what are good, compatible fillings? What would the topping of your relationship or dynamic pie look like? In this class we will discuss some basic terminology and theory behind practical protocols. We will even discuss how to create, sustain and enforce various protocols. Where do protocols fit in your life? Do you need them? Let's find out! (Unfortunately, edible pie isn’t included in this class though you’re welcome to bring your own!)

Obedience, Compliance, Alignment presented by Tomo

Inspired by her navigation device (Garmin at the time) on the drive to a leather event, Tomo will describe her thoughts during this discussion on obedience, compliance and alignment of will. As the leader of an authority exchange relationship, do you seek obedience or do you prefer your desire is aligned to? As the follower, do you obey or do you align with the will of your leader? Does the need for obedience or alignment change given the issue? Does this shift, deepen, or change over time? Sharing her experience as well as telling personal stories, Tomo will examine obedience, compliance and alignment of will during this exploration and discussion.

Old Cover+New Cover= One Cover (Bridging The Gap) presented by Daddy Zulu

A Presentation from a Leatherman who is now a part of the Older Generation about his experiences navigating in the Leather Community and the tools he's learned from his peers as well as his continued learning, embracing and accepting of Leatherfolk from what is known as the New/New Generation. This presentation will be an active group participation discussion on how to work together to become a unified front for our community. Class will include a brief timeline of Daddy Zulu's journey in Leather.

Primal Panel presented by Em, Mike, NJ_, and DiosaJax

Join us for a panel of primals! Panel members span a wide range of primal types and experiences, so come out to ask questions about primals, primal play, primal energy, and more! From mat time to energy work, the music that gets us into headspace to how we maintain control once we're there, we're here to answer and discuss anything and everything you can think of that relates to primal.

Smashing Stigma: Mental Health and Kink presented by Devyn Stone

Despite growing awareness of mental health in kink and leather circles, stigma around various kinds of neurodivergence remains. Devyn Stone, founder and producer of THRIVE, reviews the history of consent and neurodivergence in kink, from RACK and SSC to the DSM. He invites participants to explore the diversity of the human mind in its myriad of forms, even those more feared and stigmatized than others.

TNG Bootblacking presented by Cinder Welpe

What does it mean to be TNG and a Bootblack? In this workshop we will explore the ways in which the next generation are developing into historians and Leather folk through the art of Bootblacking. This workshop is tailored towards those with a passion for Leather Care, connection, history and/or ritual. Please bring along your supplies and any gear you have as we will be Bootblacking and sharing skills with one another.

TNG Social hosted by Devyn Stone

Virtual Dance Party hosted by Daddy Zulu

Women in Charge! Empowering Female Energy presented by PlaineJane

Women-Led dynamics have always had a significant place in not only historical influences but have had cultural impact as well. From royal dynasties to empirical rule, women have always possessed the ability to stimulate change and sometimes to even incite war. While not the standard hetro-normative relationship construct within what is seen as “modern” era, women have continued to demonstrate the powerful force of Female Energy and their ability to dominate their partners and their societies.

Join PlaineJane for a discussion on Female Led Relationships (FLR) throughout history, their effect on cultural and historical norms, and how women have always had the power to change, impact, and influence our community and partners. Jane will explore types of domination to include; sexual, mental, physical, financial, and emotional from a Female Master’s and/or Dominant’s perspective. She will also discuss ways to inspire female energy in relationships, scenes, and as community leaders.