Timothy2015C“I am humbled, yet overwhelmed with the love and support I have experienced over the entire contest weekend. This is the beginning of a wonderful title year journey!! Bring it on…..”

got his first taste of Leather venturing into the DC Eagle in mid-1987. It wasn’t until the closing of the Charlotte Eagle that he became an active member of the community, and not just a bystander. When the Woodshed Lounge became the home bar for The Tradesmen, he met and almost immediately got involved with the best group of Leather men that you could ever know. It is through this membership and the exposure from the “inside”, that he was able to witness and experience the Structure, the Brotherhood and the Loyalty this community is based on.

In the five years, that he has been a full member, Timothy has served the Tradesmen, first as a Pledge, then as Secretary, followed by President and now as Vice President. His Club brothers honored him by appointing him as Mr. NC Leather 2013. He was honored as Tradesmen of the Year twice, for the years 2012-2013 and 2014-2015. Earlier this year, he was gifted with and presented his first piece of Leather by boy Dave Hudson at the Tradesmen’s January bar night.

In addition to the Tradesmen, Timothy volunteers at several organizations that serve our community. He is the Sign Language interpreter for R.A.I.N., where he has interpreted the program at the Charlotte AIDS Walk for the last 8 years. He is a working member at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church where he serves as a Sign Language interpreter. He is also a volunteer at Great Things and My Sister’s House. He also enjoys raising funds with the Tradesmen for The House of Mercy.

Currently residing in Charlotte, NC, Timothy is a Bartender/Manager at The Woodshed Lounge. He is also a full time student pursuing a degree as a Registered Nurse. Timothy is proud and honored to serve the Leather communities of this region and represent the southeast wherever his travels may take him as the 2015-2016 Mr. SE LeatherFest.

Calendar of Events

October 3, 2015 Leather History Conference Greensboro, NC
October 3, 2015 Tradesmen Bar Night Woodshed Lounge Charlotte, NC
October 9 - 11, 2015 American Brotherhood Weekend Chicago, IL
October 16 - 19, 2015 Seattle, Washington vacation Weekend Seattle, WA
Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks
October 24, 2015 SC Pride Parade & CLO's Bar Night Columbia, SC
October 31, 2015 Halloween Party at the Woodshed Woodshed Lounge Charlotte, NC
November 6 - 9, 2015 C.O.M.M.A.N.D. Leather Run Mr. Maryland Leather Contest Baltimore, MD
November 15, 2015 “Out At The Movies” LGBT Film Festival Winston Salem, NC
December 5, 2015 House of Mercy Christmas Dinner Charlotte, NC
Tradesman Bar Night Woodshed Lounge/Charlotte, NC
January 15 - 18, 2016 Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend Washington, DC
February 26 - 28, 2016 Low Country Leather Inaugural Run Charleston, SC
February 27, 2016 Timothy Lee/Mr. SELF 2015 Keynote Speaker

• 1/13-15, 2017 Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend

• 2/17-19, 2017 SECC Leather Weekend

• 3/31-4-2, 2017 Drummer Mid-Atlantic Weekend, Asbury Park, NJ

• Judge at Gay Days Leather Weekend Contest (tentative)
• Tidal Wave (tentative)

January 2017 Column

Although I am not the best communicating through the Blogs, Mr. S.E.L.F. remains busy representing the South East everywhere I can! My relocation to the North East corridor of the country grants me a paycheck, but it will not cause me to forget my Southern roots and the Leather Community that means so much to me!

One of the things that I have done a better job of during this title reign is to actively participate and volunteer at some of the events I have attended. Last year, I was “in the number” but actively participating has changed my perspective significantly. It also gives S.E.L.F. a much greater visibility in places that didn’t even know we had a Leather Community in the South East. (imagine that!?)

To recap briefly, here are some of the places I have been and some of the events I have attended:

• SELF/Mr. SELF 2016—Atlanta, GA
• Atlanta Eagle
• Charlotte Pride (Honor Guard)—Charlotte, NC

• NY Eagle/Rockbar—New York, NY
• SC Leather Contest (Emcee)—Columbia, SC
• Beers & Bears @ The Bear’s Den—New York, NY
• Philadelphia Leather Pride—Philadelphia, PA
• Catherine Gross’ Intimate conversation at Philadelphia Leather Pride

• Mr. NY Eagle Contest—New York, NY
• American Brotherhood Weekend—Chicago, IL
• Sphinx Virtuosi at Carnegie Hall—New York, NY
• Mr. & Ms. NJ Leather Contest Weekend—Asbury Park, NJ
• ONYX Halloween Party—Washington, DC

• House of Mercy Christmas Dinner—Charlotte, NC
• Tradesmen Bar Night—Charlotte, NC
• Leatherman of Color Contest—Washington, DC
• 12 Days of Christmas—Baltimore, MD

To highlight a few of the most meaningful experiences, I got to be one of the Sign Language Interpreters at Philadelphia Leather Pride. It was totally unexpected, but one person was unable to attend, and I was able to step right in. It was also great to see my new “Title Wife,” Tig, over my shoulder playing Vanna White in Leather during their Auction!
At the SC Leather Contest, I was surprised and honored to be pinned into Mama’s Family! I am now “Mama’s Timothy”!
During the NJ Leather Contest weekend, I was honored to participate by carrying the Leather Pride Flag in the Color Guard during their opening ceremony.
Of course, the House of Mercy functions remain the closest to my heart! This year, at our annual Christmas Dinner, the Tradesmen donated an additional $3000.00 to the House of Mercy. With a subsequent matching gift from an anonymous donor, we donated more than $12,000 during 2016!

That’s all I have for now. I already have a few things to look forward to in 2017. I will try to update and keep you posted on what’s going on. Please stay in touch with me! If you need anything including a request for my presence and/or participation, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I can always be reached through Facebook at Tradesmen Timothy Lee. My email address remains .

Thank you for your continued support! I wish each and every one of you a Happy and a Prosperous 2017!

 Fantasy Video

Feb 2016 Keynote

We hope you enjoy Timothy's Keynote Speech at Low Country Leather. It was excellent!

October 2015 Column

Where do I begin?? Actually, it may have been a little easier if I started a few months ago when I was SUPPOSED TO!! Having said that, I will attempt to catch up on this whirlwind of a journey that started as Mr. SELF 2015.

I immediately hit the ground running, joining my title wife, Jennifer as we drove to Augusta, GA to march in the Augusta Pride Parade. A few weeks later I was in Provincetown for Bear Week. In the middle of all of those Bears and Leather Men, I got to have my first shot of Jager with Mama Sandy Reinhardt! After that, I made the quick trip to Charleston, SC for SE Cellblock’s fundraiser and bar night.

August began with the annual cookout hosted by the Charlotte Tradesmen at the House of Mercy. This is one of the most meaningful events that we do, where we actually get to spend time with the residents and staff. Later that month, I was honored to carry the American Flag and lead the Charlotte Pride Parade with the Tradesmen and other Leather Men and Women from NC and SC who made up the Color Guard. I even snuck off to Hickory NC to attend the finals of the National Unlimited Leather Contest.

Just last week, I was in New York City, having been invited to attend the annual LGBT Gala hosted by the Democratic National Committee. The keynote speaker was none other than the President of the United States, Barrack Obama!! All I can say is WOW!!

Each month, I have been fortunate enough to meet so many new people that come through Charlotte and the Woodshed. I continue to be amazed that so many people have taken a moment to say hello and congratulate me.

The next few months will hopefully be just as busy. I’m planning to attend the Leather History Conference in Winston Salem, NC. I’ll be marching in the SC Pride Parade in Columbia, SC. I will also be at CLO’s bar night. Over the next few months, I will attend ABW in Chicago, C.O.M.M.A.N.D. & Mr. Maryland Leather Contest in Baltimore. I also plan to participate in both Mid-Atlantic and South East ONYX bar nights before the end of the year!

In the meantime, I can be found at the Woodshed Lounge on Friday nights. I attend almost every one of Charlotte Tradesmen’s bar nights. (After all, I am the Road Captain). Follow me on Facebook/ Tradesmen Timothy Lee. I’m also on Twitter/@MrSELF2015. Although, I must admit, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of “Tweeting” yet.

In the meantime, know that I am having a BLAST and that I remain HONORED and PROUD to serve as your Mr. S.E.L.F. 2015. I hope to see ALL of you soon!!!

July 2015 Column

I just arrived back in Charlotte, and I can honestly say that barely remember the ride home. I can’t believe this whirlwind of a weekend passed by so quickly!! This whole experience has been a blur…
What I remember at this moment, is everyone that told me to breathe, and to have FUN!!! I must admit that I could not really process the concept of FUN during the competition weekend, because I was focused on overcoming my own anxieties and my own quest for perfection. Obviously, I didn’t forget to breathe, but I have 363 days ahead of me to have FUN!!!

Now to the many people that I need to thank:

To boy Dave…thank you for EVERYTHING you did as my handler over the SELF weekend! Knowing that I had you in my corner, took so much stress of my plate, as I knew that I could depend on you to address every detail that I may have overlooked! More importantly thank you for holding my hand and guiding my steps in the beginning stages of this journey, when I didn’t know anything or anyone. Thank you for gently nudging me in the right directions and also giving me the space I needed to grow. If I am ever to measure my successes as a Leather Man, it will be when I am able to look at myself and know that I gave the same support and advice and nurturing to someone at the start of their journey, that you gave to me…

To Catherine Gross and the entire Board of Directors and the Staff and volunteers of S.E.L.F….
Thank you for continuing the traditions of excellence. Thank you for not only running a professional contest, but for running an organization that continues to provide so much for this Leather community. I am PROUD to be your “Mr.” representative.

To our judges…
Thank you for your critiques, your wisdom, your professionalism and your belief in me. Thank you for awarding me the title of Mr. SELF 2015. You ALL are role models in the Leather Community, and I can only hope to achieve the success and the respect that you have earned. I am empowered by the tasks ahead of me, and I will certainly do my best to live up to your expectations.

To my SELF 2015 Family…Jennifer, Autumn, Friday, Miss Kitty, Coco, & Kittin,
It was a pleasure and an honor to compete with each and every one of you. I learned something valuable from all of you and look forward to working all of you in some way. On a special note, Ms., I think our adventures are just beginning!! Look out SE, here we come!!

To The Tradesmen…
I could not ask for a better group of gentlemen to share this honor with. I am honored to be your Club Brother. I am honored that you saw fit to bestow the title of Mr. NCLC 2013, when we inherited a struggling contest. Although it was made clear that I was only expected to be the “face” of NCLC, you ignited spark in me and let me know that I could advance to bigger and better things.

To Greg Brafford, and the Staff and Patrons of the Woodshed and SHED Leathers…
Thank you for your sponsorship! Thank you for your patience! Thank you for the MANY weekends that I have taken off and for the ones that I haven’t asked for yet!

Thank you to all of the people who I failed to mention. Thank you to all of the names I don’t know. Thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement, your well wishes, your stories, your whistles, your “WOOF’s”, your flirtations, your hugs, your tears, your invitations, your acknowledgements, your critiques, your love, your congratulations and your expectations…

I will do my best to not just live up to, but to exceed your expectations. I pledge my 100% to being the best titleholder EVER!!!

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