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We will have three, 3-hour intensives this year to round out your educational experience. Intensives are a separate cost due to their length and specialization. Weekend package holders (both basic and social) can purchase the intensives on this page, simply add them to your cart by clicking on the product. Class sizes are very limited and there is NO guarantee that there will be any spots left by the time the weekend starts. So go ahead and secure your seat by purchasing an intensive ticket today!!

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The Big It - Friday, 2:15am-5:15pm

Have you ever looked at a couple walking by, in a scene, or just out to dinner together and said "WOW they really get IT"? Conversely, have you ever looked at another couple walking by and said "They just don't have a clue"? This class is given by Master Cecil and his beloved Darcy with the goal of defining for you what that "IT" you see in some couples actually is and how to acquire "IT" for your current or future relationships. You do not have to be in a relationship to attend this class. If you are not in a relationship or your partner doesn't want to attend with you, bring paper as you will want to take copious notes for later discussion! We feel so adamantly about getting this particular class out to as many people as possible, that we have started traveling nationally to present it.

Come and learn how to take any relationship to the next level and be the couple that everyone says "They really get IT" about.

By Master Cecil and darcy       

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Zero to Sixty: Hands On Rope Play for Beginners - Friday, 2:15am - 5:15pm

Rope copyThe purpose of this class is to give rope beginners the skills and confidence to have successful and meaningful rope scenes with their partners. I will teach single and double column ties, elements of tension and rope handling, a basic chest harness, a wearable body harness, and ideas for combining these patterns, all with an emphasis on connection and control. The class will conclude with participants being guided through a simple but powerful Ichinawa scene.Rope 2 copy

Attendees should be risk-aware beginners and come ready to tie or be tied. Students will get the most out of the class if they attend in tying pairs, but individual observers are also welcome.

Rope 4 copyFor attendees: 3 or more ropes, between 25 and 30ft long. Natural fiber or nylon is fine, but please make sure your rope is in the 5mm to 10mm diameter range. Nylon ropes should be braided and without a core. Yoga mats, blankets, EMT shears comfortable/relaxed clothing, water bottles and healthy snacks will all contribute to your positive experience.Rope 7 copy

By TwistedLily         

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Forging and Fine-Tuning Your Mastery (Only for M-types) - Saturday, 2:15pm - 5:15pm

While there are some universal qualities of those "in the lead," Mastery is a highly individualistic endeavor. We each come to the table with different interests, experiences, and skills. This intensive is designed to help you explore your interests, strengths, skills, and weaknesses to enable you to fully envision, articulate, and fine-tune your own style of Mastery. Through discussion, worksheets, and design templates you will be able to assess the priorities in your relationship model, your method of leadership/decision-making, desired attributes in a partner, and areas for further personal growth.

By Master Ben       

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