In consideration of the acceptance of my online order or registration, I hereby waive any and all claims of injury or damage to my person, property or reputation that may arise now, or in the future, from any cause whatsoever in connection with my participation in SouthEast LeatherFest (SELF), and against its members, agents, operators, employees, lessors, lessees, or any other subsidiaries. By accepting the Terms of Service and registering, I state that I have read and understand this disclaimer.

I further state that I am at least 21 years of age. I affirm that I am registering under my legal name; I understand that I will be required to provide photo ID and that my registration may be cancelled without refund or other consideration if I have not registered under my legal name or if I have attempted to purchase someone else's registration. Registrations are non-transferable.

I understand that SELF reserves the right to refuse my registration for this event for any reason, and if that occurs my payment will be refunded in full minus any applicable fees.

I agree and further state that I will not raise funds at SELF for any event, group, charity, titleholder, mission or other entity. I understand that solicitation of funds not related to SELF official fundraisers is strictly prohibited and could result in being asked to leave the event without refund.

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