Thank you for being you...

You may have heard that we have changed our date.  We appreciate how many of you have reached out to us while we were figuring out what comes next when our hotel decided to not honor their contract.  We have figured out what comes next and it's a date change. We have moved one week earlier than our original date.  We are June 15-18, 2017.  

We have a new hotel that has been renovated! It's shiny, new, comes with frigs in every room and free wifi.  We are waiting for the hotel to place us in their system and then the information will go live to registered participants so you may make your reservations.

We appreciate your support in taking hotel rooms and buying a social package! These are the items that allow us to afford adequate programming space.  If you already have a basic package, an upgrade is still available.  With it comes great food, 2 fabulous keynote speeches and all the fun and laughter!

We have a lot of changes to make and appreciate your patience while we change everything over. Thank you!

Where individuality is valued. Where education is free-flowing. Where fun is abundant.

We're mixing it up and we invite you to do the same.  


What is mixology? Mixology is our theme for this year because we are the place where all facets of our community come together and generate something more than their individual pieces. We are a meeting place, a connection, a mingling spot. We are a place of joy, learning, creation, love, and compassion. We give you a place to forge and strengthen the community: at home, in the region, and across the nation. We are GLBTQ, allies, alternative relations, and people pursuing free expression of our identities.

Join us this year and be part of this amazing mixology. 


 What is SouthEast LeatherFest?

SELF is an adult educational, fundraising and social convention that supports lifestyles of consenting adults.

 Want to know more about SELF?  Login to our site for all the details!


Titleholder Sash Fund!!!

We are fundraising to give our titleholders sashes! The sashes we will buy are all die-cut leather and we need 7 sashes. The sashes we purchase now will be passed down to each generation of titleholders.  Help us reach our goal for 2017.  

We have raised $182.18 towards our needed goal of $2590!

$0.00 each Fund for titleholder sashes

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