Where individuality is valued.   


SouthEast LeatherFest (SELF) is the home where all people--kinksters and leather people, primals and littles, puppies and Masters, and LGBTQQIA2S-- gather to celebrate our lives as sex positive individuals. We focus on relationships, play, social interaction in a safe, welcoming environment where respect for individualality and unique relationships are respected.  Our theme this year, Mixology, is about who we are as a large diverse group.

We teach, we learn, and we grow. We play, we meet, and we party. We love, we laugh, and we create community. We have over 50 classes, 2 nights of contests, parties, meetups, socials, and dungeons over four days. We are the home of the Southeast Master/slave, Southeast Bootblack, Southeast Person of Leather, Mr. SELF, Ms. SELF, and SELF boy titles where our attendees vote and choose our titleholders. We have space for communing with like minds and time for everyone to get together.

SirGuy sexy2017 Keynote Address by Sir Guy DeBrownsville of New York!!

Sir Guy DeBrownsville is one of the titleholders for the 2013 International Power Exchange title. The keynote address includes catered luncheon. Learn more about our keynote speaker and his life here

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thank you for participating in our holiday auctions. Hopefully you walked away with something you very much wanted! Due to your generosity, our scholarships fund, title sash fund, and operations fund have been boosted! The net earnings after shipping costs are:
20% - $91.09 for the scholarships fund
40% - $182.18 for the title sash fund
40% - $182.18 for the operations fund

You are all so amazing, your support is greatly appreciated!!!


What can you do now? 

Help us spread the news of who we are, what we offer and the experience of SELF.  Word of mouth and social media reach is very important to us! 

We're in the process of accepting educators for our 2017 event.  Please visit this page for information.

We're always looking for contestants to join our amazing title family. If you're interested in running for one of our titles in 2017, contact Master Blue for more information!

We are open to vendors! Space is filling so make sure you reserve your space. If you would like to vend please contact Lazarus for information.

Want to give a party, run games or create fun? Contact TheLittle

Registration is open for Social and Basic Packages. Social Packages includes tickets for Keynote Luncheon and Celebration Breakfast. Get your tickets now before prices go up!



Titleholder Sash Fund!!!

We are fundraising to give our titleholders sashes! The sashes we will buy are all die-cut leather and we need 7 sashes. The sashes we purchase now will be passed down to each generation of titleholders.  Help us reach our goal for 2017.  

We have raised $182.18 towards our needed goal of $2590!

$0.00 each Fund for titleholder sashes

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