• Women and Girls of Leather Gathering
    Thursday night, 8:00pm


    Second annual southeastern meeting of Women and Girls of Leather Clubs.  Each participating club will have 10 minutes to introduce their club and topics of interest to their club. Come meet others who are as dedicated as you are! We have two clubs who generously volunteered to host 2018. This was an amazing gathering in 2017 where 10+ clubs were represented. 2018 promises to be as inspiring! Stay tuned for details!

  • Updates & Dates:
    We’ve closed Presenter Applications! We received 260 proposals!!  Thank you for the fantastic response. Over the next several weeks- we’ll let you know what we’re bringing you!
    - Vendors are up next! If you’re interested in vending. Make sure that you drop a note to Lazurus!
    - We will announce Judge’s in December.
    - Shortly Volunteers will open.

  • Charities close down for 2017:
    Thank you for all the genrousity!  SELF supported our titleholders travel funds, raised enough for 5 sashes, 3 scholarships (including the meals!), and gave to Leather Archives & Museum!

    SELF raised $4390 in charitable giving. In addition, SELF gave another $3,150 to our communities as donations from SELF!

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  • Titleholder Sashes

    Thank you for all the genrousity!  SELF has sashes in production for Ms. SELF, SE Master, SE slave, SE Bootblack, and SE Person of Leather. Each title will keep their sash during their title year and hand it down to the next titleholders. There will be a removeable leather piece which provides the year.  SELF needs to raise funds for the last two needed sashes before April 2018 : Mr. SELF and SELF Boy. Please donate with the link at the bottom of the page!

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 Where individuality is valued.
Where education is free-flowing.
Where identity is respected.

We're mixing it up and we invite you to do the same.  


SELF is a four-day event where many differing communities attend and generate something more than our individual selves or communities. Explore yourself and find others who may be radically different and alike.  We are interested in who we are as individuals and exploring alternative respectful relationships.  

SELF provides a space to explore and strengthen your sense of many communities.  We engage in alternative relations, are GLBTQ, allies, and people pursuing free expression of our identities as individuals and within our relationships. 
Register and experience SELF. 


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143 Days


SELF's YAPP app. Daily schedules, user pictures and chat! It's going to be a great way to get information during the event!  http://my.yapp.us/SELF

Click on the link above to download app. Open app. Slide through opening screen. Click View a Yapp. It will install SELF’s Yapp. Touch the SELF icon and enjoy!

 What is SouthEast LeatherFest?

SELF is an adult educational, fundraising and social convention that supports lifestyles of consenting adults. We are four days of exploration, invigoration, and conversation. We are a domestic non-profit.