SouthEast LeatherFest Community Award™

SELF, in its fifteenth year, began a new award to honor individuals, clubs, groups and businesses. SELF is a gathering of people of all orientations, genders and traditions. We're here to celebrate diversity, exchange ideas, listen, learn, share and play. We have a vision of commonality and wish to celebrate those who go above and beyond the call to create opportunity and give back to their communities, large and small.starship2015CSwinner


SouthEast LeatherFest, the first major kink/fetish/leather event of its kind in Atlanta, became living proof that the leather communities of Atlanta had taken great strides in bridging the gap between different factions of gay, lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, heterosexual, transsexual, SM, BDSM, Kink, D/s and M/s communities. We are an annual event dedicated to this purpose once a year and we want to recognize those who are dedicated all year round and continue to do the work day in and day out.


Criteria for Award

Community is defined on a large scale. This award may be given to an event, organizers, businesses, clubs, groups or individuals nationally.

This award is given in recognition of building a strong sense of community through inclusion. It is recognition of those providing great benefit to others and a commitment to our communities.

Deadline for nomination is: May 10, 2017

Deadline for nomination is: April 24, 2017


Recipients of SELF Awards

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  • self_2007_Aurora.jpg
  • 2004JacksticeawardDavidPalmA.jpg
  • self_2007_capexJS.jpg
  • self_2008_Ray_CastroJS.jpg
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  • dsc_0383.jpg
  • 2005ViJohnsonawardJS.jpg
  • self_2006_RedChairJS.jpg
  • starship2015CSwinner.jpg
  • self_2007_Aurora2.jpg
  • 2015winnerJS.jpg
  • self_2008_vic_nic_giving_awardJS.jpg
  • 2012awardcliffcoxwebCS.jpg
  • self_2009_HarleyGouldCS.jpg
  • 2011_EllcaCS.jpg
  • self_2008_convention_NCMasterJS.jpg
  • self_2006_DavidNelsonJS.jpg

Thank you to the volunteers who support SELF!

You hear how we couldn't do it without you-- BUT SELF really couldn't do it without you!  You're tremendous people who put so much good in the world!  We appreciate your time, effort and help! Thank you for everything you do.


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